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"You helped our leadership gain focus and unity.  You taught us ways to conduct meetings, solve problems and hold each other accountable." - Team Member - Financial Services Firm - 12/3/15

Gene Moorhead, EOS Implementer

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I have been an owner and manager or partner of seven different companies - six of which have been successful.  My entire business career has centered on helping independent businesses grow.  I honed my skills in a family business where we bought losing radio stations and turned them into profitable businesses.  Each new acquisition meant a new market with all the challenges of a new business.  We hired, trained, fired, begged, borrowed, and stole ideas to turn the stations around which we were fortunate to do, while at the same time developing advertising for our client companies.  I worked with hundreds of independent businesses on ways to grow.

After selling the last two  stations, I started an advertising agency. One  success story was developing a one store marketing test into a 105 store national franchise  which was profitably sold to a public corporation.  We functioned as an outsourced marketing department for the majority of our clients. While working with their leadership teams I learned first-hand how different companies  confront and struggle with all the components of  business growth.












Growth happens as a result of what the owner and leadership team do inside the four walls of each organization, and not because of a slick marketing program.   After reading the first chapter of Gino Wickman’s book Traction®, I actually said aloud, “Where was this guy 20 years ago when I really needed him?”  It is the first practical and simple "how-to" manual for small to mid sized companies.  I instinctively knew that I would be able to help businesses grow more effectively and profitably with EOS.

I am now one  of over 197 extensively and continually trained implementers worldwide .

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