Gene Moorhead, EOS Implementer
Gene Moorhead, EOS Implementer

Some random written benefits from the PIAS  Convention June 2015:

"I now have a game plan"

"Tracking Mechanism"

"Vision Traction Organizer"™

"90 day Plan"

"To be able to use this as a business plan"

"I want to thank you for presenting at our 2015 leadership conference. The Association and our members really valued your input and ideas. We received all positive comments about your presentation, and truly appreciate you setting aside the time to join us! Thanks again"- Rachel Rossman -PIANKO

DAVMOOR   Gene Moorhead    334 717-7042

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Gene Moorhead, EOS Implementer

"Gene's insight on business process management and change management is spot on. He brings perspective from his years running a very successful start-up and his experience in advertising and marketing to whatever your business pain points are!" -  Gary Smith  Prattville Manager- AKD  Inc.

"Thank YOU for a fabulous presentation that provided valuable content!  I appreciate you including information that business owners/leaders can apply for almost immediate benefit." - Donna Jackson Executive Director Prattville Chamber of Commerce

Are you running your business or is it running you?

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I like speaking to groups and organizations that cater to entrepreneurial business owners. I’m very comfortable speaking to either intimate groups or large audiences.
It’s important to note that I am a business person who  speaks – not a professional speaker or a motivational speaker.
I bring my personal real-world experiences and passion to every engagement.